What’s in your head?

Under normal circumstances, I may look at you cross-eyed if you were to tell me that you hear voices.  I would, honestly. I think that’s a normal reaction.  However, when those voices are new people trying to introduce themselves and tell you a bit of their story, why wouldn’t you want to listen?

That’s how it works.  Somewhere just before I wake, I am thrust into a new world.  I am no longer a mom, a wife, and a working professional.  In fact, I’m not even myself.  I’ve met someone new, and they offer me a tiny peek into who they are and where they come from.  More often than not, I awake the next morning with their name chiming through my head.  Then they follow me.  They follow me around as I go about my day, driving in the car, working in the office, and folding laundry. They push and they push until finally I allow them to tell me their story.

Once this happens, the pages fill up, and I am able to introduce the world to the many voices inside my head.  Crazy right?  Not so much.  In fact, some people have told me that they love the way my mind works.

Come and meet the colorful characters that have come to me in my dreams.  Explore their worlds, their likes, their dislikes, and their adventures.  If you don’t, I may inevitably go insane from keeping them bottled up.