Wish I had a musical bone in my body…

I may not write if I were a musician…

What’s your favorite song?  Have you ever paid attention to the lyrics?  I mean really listened to them?  No secret here: I love music.  I immerse myself in melodic clatter at every opportunity.  As do the voices in my head.  I mentioned before that they haunt me until I let them out.  No project I embark on isn’t heavily influenced by music in some way, shape, or form. 

So at last we spoke…or I typed…I explained that these voices cry to relay their stories, and I do my best to give them justice.  Well those voices don’t find themselves without their own soundtracks, musical inspirations to drive their visions with force from my head and onto paper, or keyboard as it were.  From the moment I first become aware of a new presence a song normally grips me.  The lyrics all of a sudden hold new meaning because of the voice, or new friend in my life.  I’ll replay that song over and over, listen to related songs or the album from whence it came, and a character unfolds. Voila! Musical inspiration. 

The music doesn’t necessarily need to depict each voice’s character in general.  Songs can build scenes from their stories, or even a whole chapter. Some songs even overlap.  As I get to know each new friend in my head I listen to the music that moves them.  That makes them feel and react. And in all cases the music haunts me just as badly as the voice.

Take for instance a friend of mine, whom I cannot wait to introduce to the world.  Poor thing, she’s so troubled.  She spends her nights drunk and alone surrounded by dim candle light and the sorrowful waning of a tortured singer.  She relates to the music, finds comfort in its sensuousness and morbidity.  Girl needs to get out more right?  As I sit back and tell her tale I need the music to drive her story forward, feel her emotions, and do my best to relay them on paper, or keyboard as it were.  Point is, sometimes you need to sit back and listen to the music.  A glass of wine in your hand doesn’t hurt either.

There are some songs so deliciously sensual and evil that they could only speak to our more carnal pleasures.  As for my aforementioned friend, her dark evil counterpart sparks from her own wicked compulsions, melodious inspirations, and then some.  He is no doubt a result of my deepest and darkest fantasies.  Trust me, you’ll know him when you meet him…or hear him. 

Another dear friend of mine, who has captured my heart from the minute I met her is so honor bound she’s driven by anthem drum beats and conquering chants.  So unlike my poor dear troubled friend with the wondrously evil man pursuing her. 

This is by no means a plug for Spotify or Pandora, but bless technology for offering us such wonderful outlets to varied forms of music. If you follow me on Spotify you’ll instantly recognize which song speaks for which voice.  I encourage you to follow along, if you can find me.