Another Year, Another Number #comingsoon #getpublished

Today, I turn a year older. I won’t say how old. That’s for me to know – period.  However, as I sit back and think about all the thoughts that have fluttered through my mind over this past year, about how many of them have made it onto paper (or Word as it were), I am completely overwhelmed. It’s as though flood gates have opened up, and I’ve been feeling nothing but love and encouragement since.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been consumed by writing over this past year. I’ve blown off laundry, slacked off on the job (should I admit that?), and at times maybe I let the kids make a mess in the house to finish that last paragraph aching to get out. But the love, the support from friends and family both old and new, has been brilliant.

So, I’m a year older. I’m honing my craft. And I’m finding spirituality in me I didn’t take notice to in prior years. With the encouragement of my guides, some on this physical realm and others not so much, I am preparing to tell 2014 exactly who’s the boss.

Now I am innately an introvert, hence the nom de plume. The act of self-promotion and tooting my own horn is ridiculously new and awkward, so bare with me if I go over board sometimes. That’s just me trying to psyche myself up for something new, big, and completely terrifying in the most amazing ways.

THE NOTHINGNESS is coming – are you ready? Click the “Follow” button on the top left of the page. I’ll be sending out teasers, introducing characters, and revealing cover art for something that has been more than just a project, more than a labor of love, but rather a story that has grown organically from the pit of my core. I like it dark. I like it sexy. And I like imperfections. I can’t be everyone’s cup of tea, and I have no intentions of pretending to be. That said, I very well may just appeal to your taste buds – go ahead, take a nimble.


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