A quick glimpse into the future with Angeline Trevena –

It’s been a while since I babbled on about nonsense. Well no more of that! I am so pleased to be kicking off a round of honest reviews and author interviews on my site.  If you’re interested in a review or interview for yourself (or perhaps your characters???), shoot me an email, and let’s get things done!

Today we’re sitting with author, Angeline Trevena. Her dystopian novella, Cutting the Bloodline, has just recently been released for sale (http://authl.it/B00W3AP0VY) and is already getting 5 stars. Kudos to you, Angeline! She was kind enough to swing by my blog for a review and some interview questions.

Angeline Trevena was born and bred in a rural corner of Devon, but now lives among the breweries and canals of central England. She is a horror and fantasy writer, poet and journalist. Cutting the Bloodline is her debut novella, and she has several short stories published in various anthologies and magazines.
For a full bio, please check her out at www.angelinetrevena.co.uk.

Let’s start with the review…


cover art

I loved this book! First, check out the cover. It’s spot on, perfect for setting the tone of this novella. Cutting the Bloodline tells the story of a young journalist, Kenton Hicks, dissatisfied with the status quo. This dystopian society is set in the not-so-distant future, which makes it scarily plausible when you think about it. With the British government replaced by Eugeniscence, a regime whose political platform was built upon the concept of creating a utopian society by eliminating the crime gene, Hicks embarks on a controversial investigation that could hurtle society back into chaos. Oh my God… are you following this? Great premise, right? The quality of the writing was wonderful. Trevena packed a punch into every chapter and left no loose ends. My only complaint about the book was that it was too short (freaking novellas!). I would’ve loved to have delved deeper into this storyline. I felt that sometimes the chapters ended abruptly, but with so many intricacies to consider in the plot that is precisely what the author had intended, I suspect. Overall, I eagerly await to see what Trevena comes out with next… and I hope it will be a full-length novel!!!!

Now for some fun. Angeline has offered us a brief glimpse into her life…
1. Describe your writing process.
I approach my writing with, largely, the same attitude I approach everything else. Namely, a make-it-up-as-you-go-along attitude. I’m not much of a plotter, but I’m quickly learning that, if I want to make a transition from writing shorts to writing full-length novels, I’m going to have to learn! I’m working on my organisational skills, and I’m getting there.
(JC: So true! My organizational skills are pure crap LOL)

2. What’s your “crutch” word?
When I read back older works, I realise how far I’ve come with getting rid of the typical crutch words such as ‘then’, and ‘suddenly’. Writing short stories, with tight word count limits, is a fantastic way to get rid of bad crutch word habits. But my characters do tend to shrug a lot, and they smile a lot too (although, that’s quite nice). I also have a terrible time moving my characters around the set. They do lots of stepping and wandering.
(JC: I feel this pain sooooo hard)

3. Your favorite sound and scent?
I love the sound of a cat purring, and also the sound of church bells. I love the warm scent of freshly sawn wood and sawdust, which always reminds me of my dad’s workshop.
(JC: very nice.)

4. If you could have dinner with any of your characters, who would they be? (you may pick more than one)
I’d actually love to sit down with Drew Snider and his wife, Neive, from Cutting the Bloodline. Drew’s a lovely character, honest, open, and always putting his friends first. He believes in people, and puts his neck on the line to support them. He’s also got a great sense of humour, and I have the feeling him and Neive would have a lot of interesting stories to tell.
(JC: I very much would have liked to have interacted with Neive in the story)

5. Is there a book that has made a lasting impact or an influence on you?
Far too many to list! Probably the one that made me see writing in a whole new light, was Sexing the Cherry by Jeanette Winterson. It was so far from my traditional idea of a novel’s structure, and it showed me that you can break the rules, experiment, and try new things.
(JC: note taken to check that out)

6. If you could live in any other time, when might that be?
I was always fascinated by the Victorian era, and I would have always said I’d want to live then, without any hesitation. But since getting into writing dystopian fiction, I think I want to see how things play out in the future. Send me forward 200 years. I’m fascinated to see what humanity has in store for itself.
(JC: well said)

7. What’s currently playing on your iPod/CD player?
When I was sixteen years old, my friend put a cassette in the car stereo, and within a few seconds of the first song, I asked to borrow it. Counting Crows have been my favourite band ever since, and they’re always the writing soundtrack I keep going back to.
(JC: nice)

8. Top “bucket list” item?
I would love to take a year off, and follow the Formula 1 Grand Prix around the world. Every qualifying, every race. I’m a huge Formula 1 fan, and it would cover so many of my world travel dreams too.
(JC: that would be pretty epic)

Let’s play…
1. Live without your phone? OR Live without your computer, iPod, and clean clothes?
I barely ever use my phone. But I’d be lost without the internet!
2. Be a vampire? OR Be a werewolf?
Probably a vampire. I don’t like the idea of randomly turning into a monster without control over it.
3. Receive $5 a day for the rest of your life? OR Receive $50,000 right here, right now?
I’d take the $50,000. I could do a lot with that, and $5 every day would just disappear on meaningless stuff.

Thank you again, Angeline for stopping by… and don’t be a stranger!