What are you looking for? What are you writing for? Don’t worry, it’s all Fiction.

And When You're There...

once upon a time

Throughout the school years, I hated when teachers left us to try and decipher stories on our own. They’d ask us to look for this technique, and this style, analyze it, and dissect it until it was nothing but a jumble of words pinned to a lab tray before our eyes. The only way I could focus enough to do this was to participate in class discussions, because it unglued my eyes from the story and forced me to step back.

We’ve all heard the analogy of being sucked into a book. You can probably picture it too if you have a good imagination. You’re sitting over a desk, turning the page, slowly leaning further down until your nose is nearly flattened to the paper. Then a tinkling magical music sequence plays and a glaring light shines out of the book, and you are physically pulled into the written world. Or maybe that’s just me making a Harry Potter reference, but…

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