THE SAVING is live!!! Surviving my sophomore jinx…

“Give them what they want
When they want…
Disregard everything because now I’m over my sophomore jinx”
(Sophomore Jinx – Subliminal Plastic Motives by Self)

I know. I know. The lyrics above seem harsh, but do you realize how terrifying the SECOND book is? I’m not just talking about any ol’ follow up novel. I’m talking about the second in a SERIES. Good lord, is it intimidating! The first book was scary, because I felt exposed as a new author. With that awkwardness aside, now I’m exposing my story – my concept – my possession. And THAT is a new flavor of fear.

THE NOTHINGNESS was welcomed into the published realm with open arms and humbling praise. I’ve made some wonderful friends in the writing community as a result. All the while, people have been excited, eagerly anticipating the next installment of Evie’s saga. This is uber exciting for me, but I almost feel like I screwed myself by setting the bar so high. Doh!

Now the lyrics above make sense, right?  Needless to say, I’ve been singing this song in my head for months. Seriously. Creating a precedent, setting expectations for the second book (especially amongst the male readers who have enjoyed my writing style) has really put the pressure on. So I’ve been asking myself: Will readers appreciate the direction Evie’s headed?

You’re going get high, fall down, and suffer Evie’s  emotional rollercoaster strapped down by her side.

Question: Are you up for it?
Answer: You sure as hell better be!

Evie’s story is not dictated by my hand (not really). She’s immersed in a world beyond her comprehension. She’s experiencing new sensations and fears. Her addictions are shifting, and there’s no way to discuss them without addressing the human element and attraction.

So yes, I’m over my sophomore jinx, because it’s not mine! This is Evie’s journey.

If you liked the harsh reality of addiction thrown in your face – If you enjoyed feeling life through Evie’s mind and body, then hold on tight.


THE NOTHINGNESS and THE SAVING are both available via Amazon Kindle today!

Don’t forget to follow me on social media! Evie’s story isn’t over… and neither am I. I’m wrapping a project apart from Evie that is sure to keep your appetite whetted until THE DESECRATION drops in 2016. 😉



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