Guest blog: Author Interview with J.C. Stockli

A deeper look into the ADDICTIONS OF THE ETERNAL series & a bit of visual stimulation.

L.D. Rose

J.C. Stockli’s on my blog today talking about her latest release in the ADDICTIONS OF THE ETERNAL series! Full disclosure, I beta read these books and I thoroughly enjoyed them. My personal favorite characters are Rob and Evan (but that’s no surprise) and I just love the dark edge in this series. If you’re into dark paranormal fantasy, these books are definitely worth checking out. Read on to learn more about J.C.’s characters along with J.C. herself!  

Welcome, J.C.! Tell us about your latest release.

THE SAVING is the second installment of my ADDICTIONS OF THE ETERNAL series, following its predecessor, THE NOTHINGNESS. The series focuses on a female protagonist, Evie Westvale, a small town girl with real world issues. Throughout her journey we’ll ride her waves of addiction and recovery, all through a paranormal lens. Along the way, we meet characters you’ll hate to love (or love to…

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