This woman doesn’t quit!

December 29th is right around the corner!!! COMING SOON

And When You're There...


And nor should she. JC Stockli rocked my world with the first two installments of the Addictions of the Eternal series as I’m certain you’ve seen in one of my previous posts (hint hint-go look).

Meet Dr. Skylar Santangelo, who is about to raise hell in Adelaide Glen as he performs a study/experiment on the town’s own Neve Cleary, a beautiful young woman responsible for nearly 200 brutal murders and ruled guilty of witchcraft.

Sexy ( Whoo-ey is it sexy!) and sweet and a bit scary, Healing the Witch of Adelaide Glen satisfied my horror tooth, a nearly insatiable craving I harbor.

I had the opportunity to read this book last weekend, and chose to do so out loud to my husband. We were mesmerized, and painstakingly set it down halfway through to finish the next night. We went to bed talking about it, hypothesizing what could possibly be coming…

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