Healing The Witch Of Adelaide Glen

HTWOAG cover 11
“Not everyone chooses witchcraft.”

An unprecedented paranormal study reveals much more than standard witchcraft.

Dr. Skylar Santangelo does not look or operate like the typical PhD. Bargaining his way out of the judicial system, he’s joined law enforcement to prosecute any and all paranormal activity. From petty witchcraft and misdemeanor conjuring, demons and living corpses, he’s seen it all. Whether due to his own guilty conscience or a darker intent, Skylar has formulated a thesis and intends to execute an extraordinary investigation into the craft. He plans to lock himself in isolation with a witch, hoping to learn what drove her to madness. Neve Cleary is the Witch of Adelaide Glen and faces the death penalty unless Skylar can prove that she is guilty by reason of possession.

Dark/Urban/Paranormal Fantasy