The Desecration


We all fall… We embrace the darkness to be free of the pain.

Treaties are broken. Houses conspire. When selfishness knows no boundaries, the structured society of the Sempiternal may pay the price for Evie’s fate. While Evan is left with no choice but to tend to immortal politics, Lucca is eager to exploit his absence. All the while, Evie’s hunger gnaws from the inside out, feening for blood. In the unregulated safe houses buried beneath the mortal eye, she’ll seek out what she needs to numb the pain.

Caught in her own undertow of lust, elated by overindulgence, Evie falls deeper into Lucca’s nothingness. How far can she descend before risking the only redemption Evan is capable of offering?

THE DESECRATION is the third installment of the ADDICTIONS OF THE ETERNAL series.