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As part of BlueFae Publishing, I love working with indie authors to create visual representations of their projects. Current projects include not only BlueFae authors as shown below, but also an independent author’s YA fantasy adventure serious (reveals coming soon).

Interested in chatting about a project? Fill out the contact info below with a brief description of your project:

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  • If “print” or “both”, what Dimensions?

The Nothingness – J.C. Stockli
The Nothingness (digital cover)7.4.15 wpid-aote1-pb-1.jpg.jpeg

The Saving – J.C. Stockli
Saving cover 9 (digital) The Saving 22.3 (paperback)

Mercy – S.J. Telgenhoff

Healing The Witch Of Adelaide Glen – J.C. Stockli (COMING SOON)
HTWOAG cover 11HTWOAG cover 11 (paperback)

Prophecy – Cassandra Morgan

Digital1 rev3.2Paperback1 rev3.2

Forged By Fire – Annie Burns



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Alice in Hatchetland
Alice in Hatchetland


Red Mask
Red Mask

Mystery Girl
Mystery Girl

B&W Desolate
B&W Desolate

Clockwork Beauty
Clockwork Beauty


Bald Beauty Thriller
Bald Thriller